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Quotes from learners on their Eden Experience…

“This course has been the most interesting course I have done, more interesting than my degree. It looks at everyday, real-life situations, scenarios, behaviours and people and therefore the content is relevant to everybody.  My tutor was always around for extra support if needed and I never felt that any question I asked was stupid.  Everybody at Eden made me feel really welcome and the 6 month course flew by! I will definitely come back for more courses.” Zoe Harrison, Understanding Autism level 2 2018

“I found this course very helpful in giving me a wider knowledge and understanding of society.  It has made me feel more comfortable and confident in communicating with people with SEN.  It has given me techniques to use in my setting with children who have a learning disability.  The powerpoints and handouts given out were very useful and the college sessions were interesting and helpful when completing coursework assignments.” Hannah Booker, Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities level 2 2018

“The evening sessions have been invaluable – as a childminder I couldn’t have achieved this training otherwise. The venue is fab and very welcoming. Discussing topics and meeting new settings was also excellent as we learnt lots from each other and experience many different points of view.  Training, content and delivery is very well guided and taught with innovative conversation prompts and subjects along with material to read, quizzes etc. Have very much enjoyed the sessions and the feedback – excellent – thank you!”  Nicola Hendon, EYAP level 4 2017

“I have really enjoyed studying for my level 3. The taught sessions were always gone through in good detail making it easy to complete the tasks being set. Judith & Nicola have provided me with constant support – always at the end of the phone or responding to emails when I needed help.  I have recommended Eden Training to friends and I would be interested in taking on level 4 at a later date to further my knowledge even more.” Brooke Howells, EYE level 3 2017

“I am glad I chose Eden Training to do my course. All the trainers and assessors are extremely helpful and can allocate time for you when needed. I’m not a very confident person but I have felt my confidence grow whilst here. I’m looking forward to developing more with further courses here and would definitely recommend.”  Leanne Pettafor, CYPW level 2  2017

“The course has taught me new found research skills. It was a bit of work in a short period of time but worthwhile.  The tutors were really helpful with explaining the criteria and always happy to give extra support and advice when needed.  Work was marked and given back promptly and I have always been kept in the loop of where I am and how I am doing.”  Lucy Furnish, EYAP level 4 2017

“Through my time at Eden I have really enjoyed my courses and found the staff and support amazing.  I have been here for 2 years completing my level 2 & 3 and have enquired about further courses. So in all the training, staff and continues support is second to none!”  Jodie Smith, EYE level 3 2017

“I would recommend Eden Training to other people interested, I couldn’t thank Nicola enough, I would never have passed without her help and support throughout. I learnt a lot from my taught sessions with Judith who was a great tutor, highly recommend, so laid back and welcoming.”  Jodie Kirby, Teaching & Learning in Schools level 2  2017

“My experience at Eden college has been great, I really enjoyed my time here and learnt a lot. The staff have been great at helping me boost my confidence and help me finish my level 1. I loved my time at Eden and would come again. They offered me so much help and support which I found really useful.” Emma Cunningham, Childcare level 1, Study Program  2017

“I have really enjoyed being a student with Eden! Their course and staff has been fantastic! I would definitely come back to Eden for higher levels such as 4&5.  The communication has been brilliant and happy with the speed work is marked and evaluated and would recommend Eden Training to anyone thinking of taking a childcare course!” Mark Shelley, EYE level 3  2017

“I have had a brilliant experience at Eden during my level 2. I have not done anything like this before, Eden & all the staff have been so welcoming & supportive. Any questions I had were answered promptly & I haven’t seen this so much as coursework however more like writing about what I am learning as I develop. I can’t wait to start level 3 & know Eden are going to be with me & supporting me every step of the way.” Mark Shelley, CYPW level 2  2016

“I found the course fantastic. I did this in a very short space of time, but the staff were always very helpful & would answer any questions or queries I had. It is a very relaxed & happy atmosphere & makes you want to do well. Whenever you ring with a query staff are very helpful. I was very dubious as to whether to do my level 3, but with all the support I have had with my level 2 I will definitely be doing it.” Melanie Wyer, Teaching & Learning in Schools level 2  2016

“All of the staff here at Eden have gone above & beyond any expectations that I had. When I was ready to give up on my learning midway through the course, the tutors supported me & gave me the encouragement I needed to continue. Not only did I continue, I grew too. Learning assistant was easy & simple to use. The taught sessions were informative & motivational as well as the perfect opportunity to talk to others doing the same course. Great experience, thank you.” Anita Shepherd, Teaching & Learning in Schools level 3  2016

“Overall the course was very well structured from the first interview to the final sign off. Support sessions were very helpful & informative. Assignments were clearly worded & supported by the textbook. The tutors were helpful & I knew they were always available if I had any questions outside of the support sessions.  Learning Assistant was easy to use & access. Observations objectives were clearly outlined in advance to the event so I had time to plan and organise resources. The feedback I received was of great help & encouraged me to progress.” Claire Morgan, Teaching & Learning in Schools level 2  2016

“I have enjoyed my course & found all the knowledge really helpful when working at my pre-school. My assessors have been very helpful & explained everything in good detail so I understood what I needed to do. My taught sessions have been helpful, I enjoyed talking & working with the other people on my course.  I was nervous about my observations but once Nicola or Judith arrived at my pre-school I was at ease & felt confident.  Eden Training is a happy, nice place to come to & the ladies on the front desk are always welcoming” Donna Pratt, CYPW level 2  2016

“I have found my overall experience at Eden enjoyable. Taught sessions were great, everyone joined in group discussions which I found made me more confident. I found learning assistant rather straight forward & easy to use & upload work. I feel Judith was really supportive through the course and encouraged me along. If I needed help with anything then I knew the staff at Eden were easy to approach & helpful” Simone O’Brien, CYPW level 2  2016

“I have enjoyed my experience & found the Eden Training team very accommodating & friendly. I will be looking to do further training with Eden in the future. They have been very helpful & are always willing to help” Jennifer Watson, CYPW level 3  2015

“A really great intro to studying after such a long time. Superb teaching sessions, lots of practical help & support given by Eden. The flexibility they offer is such a help. All in all a really enjoyable year and the facilities at the centre are second to none” Victoria Restarick, CYPW level 2  2015




First Aid Course Comments…

“Best course for training I have attended. Thorough, helpful and everything explained easily to understand”  K.S.

“Trainer was energetic and held my attention fully, also taught in a way that I am able to remember”  L.D.

“Really enjoyed the course, the best I’ve been on regards to the trainer”  J.T.

“First time on a first aid course – the tutor was brilliant, very engaging, lots of examples, held my interest”  S.B.

“Excellent course, interesting and informative. The tutor was engaging and enthusiastic, I feel confident if I was faced with an emergency first aid situation. Will highly recommend” C.M.

“Very interesting, lively. Would recommend. Could tell that the information was gained through experience, not just from a textbook”  A.S.


Rated Excellent and Very Good throughout for venue, facilities, equipment, hand-outs, trainer knowledge; ability to hold interest; support & guidance and teaching methods.



Safeguarding Training Comments…

“Nice relaxed atmosphere and very informative, I really enjoyed this course. A friendly confident approach from the tutor made me feel relaxed and confident to express my opinions”  S.E.

“Tutor was aware of different people’s understanding & paced it accordingly. Excellent delivery across the day” J.L.

“Very informative & thought provoking course, very professional & knowledgeable tutor.  The course was very enjoyable & worthwhile, I will be advising other members of staff to attend” L.R.

“Very good tutor, I was able to understand and get involved, not too much information to confuse or overload, I hadn’t seen Eden Training before but I would definitely look into more training here and use them again” P.S.

“Really informative, helps the tutor had a sound knowledge of ECC safeguarding / social services” F.B.

“Very good course, lovely and friendly tutor, really informative, I have learnt a lot and will implement and cascade in my setting” J.B.

“Friendly and helpful staff, the course was interesting and varied, there was a lot to fit in but plenty of opportunities to ask questions if you were unsure of anything, very good course” R.E.

“Very good course with lots of information, it was good it was a small group so everyone felt comfortable to join in, I feel more confident about safeguarding.”  J.J.


 Overall rated Excellent and Very Good throughout.

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